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Stop the Air Leaks in Your Westchester or Putnam County Home & Start Saving More Energy!

Bell Heating & Air Conditioning TruckAre you tired of your heating and air conditioning system draining a ton of money from your wallet in wasted energy? Believe it or not, the issue may not be with your heating and cooling equipment itself, but rather the air duct system that carries the air around your home. Even the smallest holes or cracks creates a costly air leak that results in an inefficient system, and an inefficient system both costs more to run and doesn’t last nearly as long as you need it to.

However, repairing these leaks doesn’t have to be the hassle that you might expect—with an Aeroseal duct sealing service, you’ll enjoy a leak-free duct system and significant improvements in the performance of your heating and cooling system! An Aeroseal treatment is a fast, effective, and clean way of sealing your air ducts while also providing some of the best and most long-lasting results in the industry. The process is fast, clean, and cost-effective, and has been tested to last up to 40 years without issue! It’s also resistant to mold and mildew, dust, and other air pollutants that are common in untreated duct systems!

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Benefits of an Aeroseal Treatment

Why should you invest in an Aeroseal treatment for your duct network? In addition to remarkably improved energy efficiency and air conditioning and heating performance, this simple treatment offers a number of other outstanding benefits for your home, your wallet, and your quality of life!

Other benefits of an Aeroseal treatment include:

  • Better comfort: Aeroseal treatments reduce temperature differences between floors in your home and even make it easier to condition those hard to heat or cool rooms, which means greater comfort around your home.
  • Better air quality: Aeroseal material is resistant to mold and mildew growth, and doesn’t allow dust, dirt, or allergens in your ductwork to settle. This means better circulation and better quality air throughout your home.
  • Extended HVAC equipment life: By improving performance, you also improve the lifespan of your air conditioner, which means you’ll get better value out of one of the most expensive and relied-upon appliances in your home!

Frequently Asked Questions about Aeroseal Treatments

How long does an Aeroseal treatment last?
Aeroseal treatments are guaranteed for 10 years. However, in residential applications, the material has been tested to last for 40 years or more!

Does Aeroseal emit any odors?
During the application, Aeroseal emits a mild odor that’s somewhat like Elmer’s school glue. The odor quickly disappears after the seal dries in your ductwork and usually dissipates entirely by that evening or the following morning. The odor is completely harmless to your health.

How big of a hole can Aeroseal cover?
Aeroseal can cover gaps or holes that are up to 5/8” wide under normal circumstances. Larger leaks will need to be fixed prior to sealing, and can often be found in an inspection done before the sealing treatment.

Do I need to clean my ducts before getting a treatment?
Not always. Ducts which are extremely dirty should be cleaned prior to treatment. However, a small layer of dust or other substances can often be sealed over without issue. Your ducts can also be cleaned as normal after sealing without impacting the functionality or durability of the seal whatsoever.

Does Aeroseal emit any VOCs?
An independent lab test has found that Aeroseal has an extremely low concentration of VOCs during the application time. Once the substance dries, it’s VOC-free. Drying time takes approximately two hours. The primary ingredient in the sealing substance has no maximum exposure limit according to OSHA standards.

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